Alert Magazine Scholarship

You can help others become more alert by speaking out against the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. All eligible high school seniors (see requirements below) may enter the Alert college scholarship essay contest. With each edition of Alert magazine, Golden West Publications awards a $500 college scholarship to the writer of the best drug and/or alcohol abuse-related essay that we receive for that state/region.



  1. You must currently be a senior in high school.
  2. Your high school must be located in one of the following states: Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington or Wyoming.
  3. You must have a grade point average of 2.5 or better.
  4. You must have plans to attend college after graduation (the college you will attend can be located in any state).


  • Write an essay about a personal encounter you or someone you know has had with drug and/or alcohol abuse. In your essay explain how the situation was dealt with, what you learned from it, what others can learn from the experience, and what was right or wrong (in your opinion) about the way the incident or problem was handled. Scholarship essays are judged in the same way that essays written for a high school English class would be: thesis statement, supporting content, grammar, punctuation, etc.


  • Essays must be typed, double-spaced, and 650–800 words in length.


  • Essays must include an official copy of your high school transcripts.


  • Essays must also include a recent photo. Scholarship winners will have their picture reprinted in our magazine along with their winning essay, so please send a good quality color photo (no blurry printouts).


  • No application is needed and there is no deadline, but you must meet the eligibility requirements and include all of the items listed above to be considered.
  • There is no deadline. The scholarship is ongoing and one is awarded with the publication of each edition of Alert magazine—approximately two times per year for each state/region. If you meet the eligibility requirements then you may apply at any time.

How to apply:

Mail your essay, transcripts, photo, school name, and contact info (phone number, address,
and e-mail) to:


Alert Magazine
Attn: Scholarship
P.O. Box 4833
Boise, Idaho 83711


Note: All essays submitted are the sole property of Golden West Publications, LLC and are subject to editing for length and/or content. The writer of the winning essay will receive the $500 Alert Scholarship and have his or her essay and photo published in Alert magazine. Winning essays are also published on our website.


Still have questions? Check out the FAQs.


Al Forthan Scholarships

For more information go to:

Who:  The Al Forthan Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an Oregon high school senior from a family affected by alcohol or drug addiction. ‘Affected by addiction’ is defined as follows: you were raised by a parent or guardian who experienced addiction or you abused alcohol or drugs and are now pursuing recovery.

What:  One $10,000 scholarship will be awarded in 2016.  It will be allocated in $2,500 installments over four years.

§  To be eligible for the $10,000 scholarship you will need to include in your application a one page (maximum) letter of support from a teacher, coach, school counselor, adult mentor, pastor, etc. describing your character and why they would recommend you for this scholarship.

§  Several other scholarships of various amounts will be awarded in 2014. To be eligible for the scholarships less than $10,000 you do not need a letter of support.

How to apply:  Scholarship awards will be based on the students’ response to each of the following six questions or statements.

(1) It is a fact that alcohol and drugs are widely used and abused by teenagers in the United States. Research this topic and describe some of the solutions to this problem. (1page)

(2)  Research how race and class correlate with incarceration rates in terms of alcohol and drug addiction. (1 page)

(3a) Use a spreadsheet or table to list all volunteer/community service work and high school activities (sports, drama, music, etc.) and the number of hours and or years you have participated in those activities.

(3b) Describe how the volunteer/service work you performed has impacted you, what has been most meaningful to you, and how the work has shaped your future. (1 page)

(4) Please describe any income barriers you face to your higher education and also, describe how the scholarship will benefit you in reaching your goals. (1 page)

(5) Describe how alcohol and drug addiction in your family has affected you personally. How did you cope? (1.5 Page)

(6) To be eligible for the $10,000 scholarship you will need to include in your application a one page (maximum) letter of support from a teacher, coach, school counselor, adult mentor, pastor, etc. describing your character and why they would recommend you for this scholarship.

Details: Essays will be e-mailed as a single attachment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (please attach your reference letter as a separate attachment if you are applying for the $10,000 scholarship) and are due by February 1st, 2016. Please include your address, phone number, e-mail and what school you attend so we can contact you.  Please type out each question, followed by your response. All essays should be typed and double spaced.


AFROTC Scholarship


Air Force ROTC provides students with money to pay for school, valuable leadership skills and friendships that will last a lifetime.


AFROTC offers scholarships at over 1,000 universities, including $900 a year for books in addition to spending money. And best of all, you'll have the opportunity to land a leadership position in the U.S. Air Force right out of school. Your future could begin right here, right now.


Click here to begin or continue your application »


The following items will be needed to complete an application:


  • Social Security Number
  • Information on past enrollment in officer training programs (if applicable)
  • Information on any arrests you may have had (if applicable)
  • Password choice – you will have the ability to save your application and complete it at a later date. Be sure to remember your password.


This application is only for High School students or graduates who:

  • Have never been full-time college students
  • Are not currently full-time college students
  • Are not planning to be a full-time college student during the 2015-2016 school year


This application is not for use by active-duty members of the military.


Notes for students considering applying for ROTC Programs:


Students interested in applying for any of the ROTC programs should start the process early.  During their Junior year, students should begin planning to take their SAT or ACT tests.  Completing at least one of these tests prior to the summer between Junior and Senior years will satisfy at least one of the application requirements.  Students can still retake the tests and submit their subsequent scores.


The ROTC programs are competitive.  To have the best opportunity to be competitive for these scholarships, applications should be completed and into the scholarship coordinators office for the respective scholarships before the start of your senior year.  These scholarships are evaluated by boards periodically throughout the year.  The first board of review for most of them (Navy, Army, and Air Force) generally takes place in August.  The first board of review for the NROTC Marine Option scholarship is in November.  In order to have the best chance of receiving a scholarship and to get your application before the most boards, having the application completed before the first board meets is the best course of action.


Application deadline is January 12.

ACF Annual Visionary Scholarship Program


The ACF Annual Visionary Scholarship Program offers multiple awards, with a top prize of $5,000.  High school Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who are US citizens or eligible non-citizens are invited to apply.  Financial need is NOT considered; all income levels may apply.


To begin the application process, register at the My College Planner section of our website.  After registration, you will be advised as to the next steps in the application process.  Some candidates may be asked to participate in a qualification interview as part of the application process to assist the ACF in ultimately determining the winners.  Deadline is April 1, 2016.


For criteria and application instructions:

Abbott & Fenner Scholarship Program

Annual Scholarship Awards - 2016

General Information

Abbott & Fenner are committed to continuing our efforts at helping those who have the desire and ambition to succeed.
The winner(s) of this annual scholarship will receive their award within 2 weeks of the listed deadline. All applicants should include their full name and mailing address with their submissions.

Deadline and Eligibility

  • RENEWED DEADLINE: June 10, 2016
  • AWARD VALUE: $1,000 
  • The A&F Scholarships are available to all high school juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any accredited post secondary institution.

Application Procedure for 2016

To apply for this scholarship you will need to write an essay on the topic below. The essay should be between 500 and 1000 words. Your submissions must be sent to us by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Describe your educational career and life goals.  Explain your plan for achieving these goals.  Include your degree/major, why you selected it, and how this degree/major will help you achieve your goals.

For more information please visit the Abbott & Fenner website at

P.O. Box 828
43277 Crane Venator Ln
Crane, Oregon 97732
PHONE: 541-493-2641
FAX: 541-493-2051

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